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With Special Attention Devoted to the Western Maryland #6, Shay Shop Number 3354

Welcome to Nivek Trains
Thank-you for visiting this site. The Forum is up and running. Register and check it out. The activity in the forum is low right now but as more people join your experience will improve. Also the Photo Archive can be found in the links to the left. As I complete more pieces of the locomotive I will be creating additional galleries featuring the work being done. I also plan on completing a gallery featuring the construction of my CNC mill. In the meantime if you would like to send an email through the contact page and I will let you know when updates to the site occur and/or answer any questions you have.

Current Developments
Be sure to check out the new photo galleries that have been added. Last updated 8/16/2008. This Site is being created as a one stop shop for both engineering services and the community devoted to the construction of scale Western Maryland #6 (Shop #3354) shay steam locomotives. My efforts in particular will focus around the construction of the steam locomotive, however those involved in this hobby know all to well the cost of such a project is not small. Because of this I will also be offering my services as a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering along with my experience working in industries ranging from Cold Metal Forming to Transportation and for the last 8 years in the Aerospace Industry. The well rounded experiences I have earned in my career will allow me to provide prototype developement services for those of you who have ideas for new products but don't have the knowledge or expertise to create that first prototype. In addition, machining services are available for prototype pieces and single/small lot machining jobs of already developed items. As this website is developed I will be outlining these capabilites in detail. For now please bookmark this site and come back in the future and visit.

Areas of Interest
Engineering Services
Nivek Engineering Services
2D/3D Modeling
Prototype Development